钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)

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HOI4 Dev Diary - Soviet Union Historical and Common Branches (Part-1)

ManoDeZombi, Content Designer



HoI4 Dev Diary - Art and Achievements

Archangel85, Oberbefehlshaber, Content Design, HoI4

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图1)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图2)

Hello, and welcome back to another Dev Diary for Battle for the Bosporus. We are coming up on the home stretch, and this week we are going to talk about the art, music and achievements for Battle for the Bosporus and the free update 1.10 Collie.


Здравствуйте товарищи! - Greetings comrades! And welcome to a new Hearts of Iron 4 Dev Diary! I hope that you are all having a great summer, and that you are prepared for a little reading, because today we’ll be talking about the last country left to show for the upcoming expansion, a country that, in the direst of times, did take No Step Back.




In my personal and entirely unbiased opinion, the art department has really outdone themselves in this expansion. See for yourself:





As you all know, the Soviet Union is huge, and we’ve had to form our own Content Design Soviet to properly implement all the cool stuff we wanted to represent. So today I’ll be talking about my main responsibility, which has been the historical and the common branches for what is one of the most interesting countries in HOI.



I’d just like to mention a couple of things before we start:



First of all, yes, everything we’ll be talking about today will be coming for free with the Barbarossa update, although some content might vary if you don’t own some of the previous DLCs.

首先,所有我们将要提及的内容将会随着巴巴罗萨 Barbarossa的更新免费放出,不过如果你没有某些前置DLC,一部分内容可能不尽相同。

National Spirit Icons:


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图3)

Design Companies:



Secondly, our beloved Motherland is still WIP so you might see content, values or even art that’s not final and is subject to change before release. You will also see a fair amount of debug decisions that we use in order to test the new systems.

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图4)

Focus Icons:



And with that said, I suggest you make yourselves comfortable and ready for a long read, and let’s get started!



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图5)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图6)

This country entered World War I as the Russian Empire, but got out of it as Soviet Russia, having lost substantial territory in Eastern Europe as a result of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918, where the Bolsheviks in Petrograd ceded control of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and other areas to the Central Powers.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图7)

Since the Allies did not recognize the Bolshevik government, no Soviet Russian representation attended the Peace Conference of 1919 at Versailles, where the former Russian territories previously ceded to Germany became independent states.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图8)

After some feedback in last week's diary, we also changed some of the focus icons we have shown off for Yugoslavia:


In December 1922, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was formed. The term soviet means “council”, and they emerged in the 1905 Revolution as groups or assemblies of Russian workers, soldiers and peasants, in opposition to the Tsar. These soviets disappeared after the (failed) revolution of 1905, but re-emerged under socialist leadership during the revolutions of 1917, which overthrew the Tsar.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图9)


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图10)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图11)



Through the Soviets, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, constituted the political structure of the new regime.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图12)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图13)


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图14)

Some absolutely spectacular beards on display here.



Following Lenin’s death in 1924, Iosif Stalin came to power and soon began to suppress all political opposition inside the Party, starting with Trotsky and his followers ,but turning against many of those who supported him in his political struggle shortly after (such as Zinovyev or Bukharin), developing a climate of political paranoia and carrying out the Great Purge, with its massive arrests and extremely harsh repression to citizens, military and even party members.




But that’s enough history for now, let’s take a look at how the Soviet Union looks when you start the game in 1936.

As part of the free update, Edwin Barclay, President of Liberia, now has his own portrait:



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图15)

As you can see, a few things have changed:


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图16)

Initial War Support has been significantly reduced, aiming at making it a bit harder to get to War Economy super early on, something that the Soviet Union was not really ready to do in 1936.


Game finally literally playable.


Stalin has finally got a trait (and as you’ll see, this is not the only trait he’ll be getting).



There are far more starting National Spirits than before, we will take a look at them later, but the first two of them you might recognize: Home of the Revolution and Trotskyite Plot?



The DLC also comes with a set of tech icons for the three new nations, plus some 3d art to go along with it. I quite like the Battlecruiser, the ex-German SMS Moltke, which will be a unique model for Turkey.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图17)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图18)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图19)

We also have a starting advisor, Genrikh Yagoda. He is one of three possible Heads of the NKVD, each one with different characteristics, that you will not be able to manually remove/replace until you get rid of the purges (during which, Yagoda might get purged and be replaced by Yezhov, who can in turn get purged and be replaced by Beriya, as happened historically).

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图20)

我们也有了一位初始顾问:亨利希•亚戈达Genrikh Yagoda。他是内务人民委员会NKVD三个可选的首领之一,每一位首领都有不同的特质,并且你不能手动移除或更换他们,直到大清洗结束(在此期间,亚戈达可能被清洗并且被叶若夫替换。并且叶若夫也可能被清洗然后被贝利亚替换,如同历史那样)。

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图21)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图22)

The advisor roster has been greatly expanded, these are the advisors available to Stalin in the early stages (unless he goes too wild with the purges).


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图23)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图24)

There is an even longer list of advisors available for the alt-history communists, most of them will be targeted during the purges, but those are for the next dev diary!


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图25)

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图26)


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图27)

And finally, we have the addition of Camels to our long lineup of tools with which to wage war. While we showed off Camelry as a unit for Turkey, it is also available for a number of other countries that historically operated Camel units during the game’s timeframe, such as the British garrison in Somalia or the French colonial forces.

There have also been some changes to the Generals roster: You will now start the game with the five first Marshals of the Soviet Union. Kulik has been demoted to General (since he was made marshal only in 1940, after having lost 3 of the previous marshals in the purges), and there is a new cavalry-specialized general, Vitaly Primakov, available at game start, although a potential target in the purges (generic portraits mean WIP portraits!).



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图28)

Last but not least, we have sent several Soviet generals on leave to a rejuvenation center, as some had portraits from long after the war. But as you can see, they have not yet returned from their trip (traveling up to 30 years back in time might take some... time, after all).

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图29)


Turns out NATO doesn’t seem to have a proper counter for Camelry (an oversight on our part, I’m sure), so we made our own.






Okay, we are now finally ready to take a proper look at the new Soviet focus tree (well, except for the Alt-history branches, those are for the next week).


The DLC also includes three new music tracks. You can listen to one of them (“Final Frontier”) here:

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/7 美术与成就钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/4 苏联史实和通用路线分支(第一部分)(图30)

I’m glad we finally have some cat representation in the game.