钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树

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HOI4 Dev Diary - Armored Cars - The new horsey boys!

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HoI4 Dev Diary - Je Maintiendrai: Netherlands Focus Tree

Bratyn, HOI IV Content Designer

Well, after that forum burp is over and done with...




Welcome to another dev diary for Man the Guns, where we’ll at long last be taking a look at the much-anticipated first nation that will receive an all-new focus tree in this expansion! As an indication of exceptional planning on the part of Paradox, it would appear that my performance as the Netherlands in the just-finished EU4 Dev Clash was nothing more than a long and carefully-planned marketing campaign to tease the new focus tree…

欢迎来到炮手就位Man the Guns的又一篇开发日志,我们终于能看到第一个备受期待的国家,在这个拓展包中获得一个新的国策树!作为Paradox精心规划的体现,在刚刚结束的EU4开发人员大战中,我在其中游玩荷兰的展示,其实只是一场长期精心策划的、用来泄露新国策树的营销活动...

Hi everyone and welcome to another dev diary. The team is working hard towards PdxCon that is coming up next week and we are looking forward to pretzels, beer, and of course meeting you guys!

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图1)



Today we will be talking about Armored Cars! I have often been asked why HOI4 doesn't have them, and today you get to find out why now is the time time :)


And nobody (not even I) knew I had been doing this for hype-building purposes all along!



Resistance Suppression


As the theme for Man the Guns is naval warfare and democracies it’s only natural to look at those minor powers who were exiled after being invaded, but continued to do the best they could to contribute despite their sometimes rather minute resources. Perhaps none of these fit the bill better than the Netherlands. Out of all exiled governments, they had the most resources with which to continue the war after being invaded. Their mainland European exploits may not have been terribly glorious (unlike the Poles who were much more active in actual frontline actions), but the Dutch contributed in other areas.



Venezuelan oil, processed on the islands of Curacao and Aruba in the Caribbean, were invaluable to the British, as 80% of the fuel the RAF used during the Battle for Britain came from these refineries (the largest in the world at the time). Large amounts of bauxite ore from Suriname were imported by the US and the UK to fuel their extensive aircraft construction programs throughout the war, and together with the refineries both areas would end up being defended by French, British, and American troops as their value was recognized even before the war.

Part of the reason we are finally adding armored cars is that they go hand in hand with resistance suppression. Since its inception, the armored car has been a useful tool against lightly armed and armored opponents. As explained previously, Garrisons will work as a shield against resistance activity. If adequate, the garrison will absorb the vast amount of resistance attacks that would otherwise sabotage industry or resource extraction. Armored vehicles will be especially suited to this role as hardness will give damage reduction to attacks made by the resistance.





In addition to being more resilient and preserving manpower, armored cars will come with a higher suppression stat and a better ratio of suppression to deployed manpower. Armored cars will generally not be as protective as light tanks, but will have a great amount of manpower protection for their cost.

Among the merchant marines of all minor powers in the world, the Dutch ranked only behind the Norwegians’ in size, and together with the other exiled powers they were critical in helping the British stave off defeat in the Battle of the Atlantic. Finally, the East Indies were considered a vital strategic part of the “Malay Barrier”, a strategic defensive area intended to keep the Japanese out of the Indian Ocean. All of these combined would result in the Dutch even being allowed brief (a few months only - until the fall of the East Indies in March 1942) representation in the Combined Chiefs of Staff, a privilege even the Dominions or Free French were not allowed throughout the war.



Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.



All of these things combine to make armored cars a good option for resistance suppression when manpower is more of a concern than some extra production cost. Horses will still have an edge when it comes to suppression vs production cost, however.

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图2)


Hardness to prevent losses



High suppression value



Cheap production cost compared to other armored vehicles



Higher cost still than just horseboys


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图3)

Main battalion Combat Role




The initial situation facing this small monarchy in 1936 is not a good one. While other nations have already begun to recover from the Great Depression, the Dutch have been obstinate in their refusal to drop the Gold Standard, and so the “Crisisjaren” (‘years of crisis’) are still in full swing here. In addition, the government has been struggling in recent years, with many cabinets falling in rapid succession, and general political instability abounds. Furthermore, being neutral with a prime seat to observe the carnage of the Western Front in the Great War, and thereby also taking in a large amount of Belgian refugees, a powerful pacifist movement has taken hold in the nation over the interwar years, preventing any increases in expenditures for the military. This movement is only made stronger by the public’s firm belief that neutrality saved them from the last war, and so therefore the Dutch should remain aloof of the growing world crisis and let the conflagration rage all around them once more, as it did before… Because surely being neutral will save them from invasion once again...?


Fighting on the frontlines as the main battle force is not a typical role for an armored car. In HoI4 it will be no different. In most situations, the armored car will be outclassed or simply not appropriate for the terrain. However, in a few cases, armored cars should work fairly well as main battle units.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图4)

In the game this is represented by the following starting spirits:



Wilhelmina: 15% Stability



In WW2 armored cars saw a good deal of combat in the deserts of Northern Africa and the Middle East. Their decreased supply needs, ability to move quickly in desert environments, and excellent capability in fighting poorly equipped enemies made them perform rather well in those theaters.




In HoI4, armored cars will work similarly. They will provide increased protection and breakthrough over say motorized or infantry while coming cheaper than light tanks. They will also be the fastest land unit in the game in the right terrain. These factors should make them dangerous opponents in secondary and tertiary theaters of combat.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图5)

De Crisisjaren: -50% construction speed(for everything)

Combat and Intel




We have split the recon support company into several now so that it can be tailored to the division type you have, and the speed it needs to move at because now the speed on the recon company will be limiting the whole division. Meaning that if you scout your trucks with cavalry they will need to move at cavalry speed.

Aloof Neutrality: Currently identical tonormal Neutrality spirit (higher tension limits to joining factions,guaranteeing, and sending volunteers)



Shell-shocked Spectator of the Great War: -50%recruitable population factor, 25% reduced factory output, 10% reduced dockyardoutput.



Weak Government: -0.5 Political Powergain, and -10% stability.


We have:


Cavalry Recon Detachment - regular horsey boys you are used to. Cheap, but not thatfast.

骑兵侦察分队 - 常规使用战马的侦察部队。造价低廉,但是行进较为缓慢。


In addition, the country’s leader has been updated to properly represent the historical situation.

Motorized Recon Company - Motorized, so jeeps and light vehicles. Fast but weak

摩托化侦察连 - 装备了吉普车以及其他轻型交通工具的摩托化侦查部队。行进迅速但是战斗能力较差。


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图6)

As the Netherlands start is therefore very weak, it’s critical to start reducing and removing these negative spirits as soon as possible. The first branch, however, provides you with a stop-gap measure for the Crisis, as by attracting foreign investments into your lucrative colonies you can reduce the “Crisisjaren” spirit somewhat. However, this costs political power, which you will be short of unless you see to your government...


Light Armored Recon Company - Armored cars

轻装甲侦察连 - 装备了装甲汽车的侦察部队。



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图7)

Armored Recon Company - Light tanks

From here, you can invest in building up your colonies. On the left-hand side you can focus on the West Indies, notably the Dutch Antilles (Curacao) and Suriname, by expa

装甲侦察连 - 装备了轻型坦克的侦察部队。

Armored cars is agood sweet spot of capability, speed and armor while light tanks help keep yourhardness and armor up in tougher divisions.



Recon companies giveyou an edge when picking tactics in combat, and that remains the same. We haveon the other hand been rebalancing tactics to make recon more worthwhile.Tactics are now rerolled twice as often and we have lowered the frequency ofcertain phases like close combat quite a bit (unless fighting in urbanterrain).



Recon companies nowalso do one more thing, they let you generate more intel in combat. More intelyou say? What is this? As part of this update we will be redoing how intelworks, but we will be going into that in detail in the future. For now all Ican say is that there will be several ways to acquire intel (where fighting isone) and that relative intel will be replacing the straight up combat bonus from having crypto techs.



Armored cars looksreally cool, so here are some renders for the new models for you to enjoy:


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图8)

Ingame tech wise armored cars depend on motorized, so to use the recon companies you need both that and to have unlocked the recon support companies.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 10/9 装甲车!新的骑马小伙!钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/26 我将坚持:荷兰国策树(图9)

Armored cars will be coming with the DLC while basic intel changes and the other recon companies are available for all with the ‘Husky’ update. Next week is PdxCon and we are also moving offices, so I’ve set my alarm clock on “Maximum chaos!” but I think we should be able to give you a bit of an update diary anyways. Seeya then!




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