钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派

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HOI4 Dev Diary - Yugoslavia and Romania

Meka66, Content Design

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图1)


Hello and welcome to another developer diary for the 1.10 Collie patch!


HOI4 Dev Diary - Soviet Union Opposition


Today we’re going to be focusing on some content coming with the patch that will add new content for owners of the Death or Dishonor expansion. Everything that follows will be accessible to DoD owners and will not be unlocked by purchasing Battle for the Bosporus. Some of you may already know this from the leaked screenshot on the Steam store, but Yugoslavia will be getting a light rework coming free with the patch for any owners of Death or Dishonor.


Wrongwraith. HOI4 Content Designer

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图2)

When I originally joined full-time on the project, I was given a list of common complaints from the community regarding the content in Death or Dishonor. Most of these issues were trivial, but none had a longer list of complaints than Yugoslavia so it seemed right that instead of attempting to stitch together a series of minimal low-visibility fixes, it would be best to do a partial rework of the Yugoslavia tree.

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图3)

Hello comrades, and welcome back to another DevDiary for No Step Back. After Comrade @ManoDeZombi (as chairman of the People's Commitee for Focus Tree Production) introduced you to the historical and shared branches of the Soviet tree last week, today we will be talking about the Opposition against Stalin.

同志们吼,欢迎阅览另一篇关于绝不后退No Step Back的开发日志。在国策开发人民委员部的主席@ManoDeZombi同志介绍了苏联国策树的史实与通用路线后,今天我们来聊聊斯大林的反对派。

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图4)



This is not quite to the scale of previous major reworks, however. The first draft of changes began as something I worked on out of my free time, so I wanted to keep scope low and avoid creating too much extra work on top of the existing BftB content while improving the overall quality of the Yugoslavia tree to give players more options to explore both history and alt-history.

The opposition to Stalin during the 30’s was diverse and divided. Thus I guess it is fitting that the work on the various paths for the Soviet Union has been divided between several CDs unlike normally, when one tree is designed by one CD. Thus the creation of the CD Soviet.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图5)


Let’s begin with the communist focuses, which have seen a little change. For a long time, Yugoslavia was able to branch off and make its own faction with itself, Bulgaria, and Albania but the chances of getting those nations to become Communist in a regular playthrough was pretty dang low. So, Yugoslavia now gains access to a series of decisions to steadily support a peasant’s uprising in both Bulgaria and Albania, creating a viable way to bring them into the Pan-Slavic Worker’s Congress.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图6)


I got the honor of writing this diary, so I shall do my best at covering all the options available for the alternative communist branches.



- 在保加利亚煽动农民起义



- 在阿尔巴尼亚煽动农民起义

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图7)

It is also my first dev diary, as I am relatively new to the Content Design team at HoI. Hope you like it!



- 在保加利亚进行宣传活动



Please note though that at the moment of writing this dev diary, a lot of things are still being worked upon, and copy edits to be done, so there will be changes before release.

- 武装保加利亚激进分子

- 煽动共产主义政变


- 在保加利亚煽动农民起义

Once done, Yugoslavia will gain access to a whole slew of new focuses with their faction reorganizing into the Pan-Balkan Worker’s Congress. Romania, Turkey, Greece, and Hugnary are all valid targets for peasant uprisings, so if you ever wanted to see the Balkans start wearing purple, Tito now has all the tools to do it.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图8)

Next, we’ll take a look at the old monarchist focuses and how overall the decisions you made were pretty objectively one good decision and one bad. What I really liked about Yugoslavia was the fact that you were constantly making decisions with every focus you pick, following this kind of ladder-design, but with the new tree, I wanted to take that a step further and create some more meaningful and involved choices.


Even before Lenin’s death, there was a bitter power struggle within the party. Lenin introduced a ban on factionalism, which Stalin later used to defeat his opponents. But before that happened, several sub groups had formed behind outspoken leaders. Initially the strongest ones were Kamenev and Zinovyev and their so called “New Opposition”. Their main opponent, back in the early 20’s, was Trotsky, leading what came to be known as the Left Opposition. On the other “side” of the spectrum was the Right Opposition, fronted by Bukharin. Of course, there were other groups as well - as the Workers’ opposition, and the Decemist faction, and nothing was stable for long as allegiances shifted.

在列宁逝世前,党内就已经有了激烈的权力斗争。列宁提出禁止搞派别,而斯大林之后则借此禁令击败了对手。但在此之前,在直言不讳的领袖身后已经有了几个小派系。原先最强大的是加米涅夫与季诺维也夫和其所谓的“新反对派New Opposition”。20年代初期他们的主要对手是托洛茨基,他领导着日后被称作左翼反对派Left Opposition的团体。位于政治光谱“另一侧”的则是由布哈林领导的右翼反对派Right Opposition。当然也有其他团体——如工人反对派Workers Opposition与民主集中派Decemist,派别的支持变化导致局势并不稳定。



Stalin, forming his own faction, aptly called the "center", and using his position as party secretary to his advantage, played the others against each other, gradually gaining total control of the communist party.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图9)


While all this was happening, the surviving leaders and generals of what had been the disunited white movement were plotting in Manchuria.

At the very start of their focus tree, Yugoslavia has a choice to either pursue Evolution or Limited Self-Government. Evolution is basically the old Yugoslavia design, where you attempt to stomp out nationalism in your country by whatever means you see fit.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图10)

First, establishing the Banate of Croatia no longer makes Croatia a puppet and instead gives Yugoslavia a temporary softer version of Croatian Opposition, but choosing to Crush the Ustase is now a much more involved process and can result in Croatian Nationalism being removed entirely. Crushing the Ustase is a series of decisions tied to two missions. One mission will make the Ustase rise up in an independence war, and the other will peacefully stamp them out. Players have access to a number of decisions to either delay the uprising or speed up the peaceful removal of the Ustase and it’ll take a lot of close attention to keep Yugoslavia in one piece while stamping out nationalism.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图11)


As communist you will have three main options. One is to stay with the center and keep Stalin as country leader. That option has already been covered, so let’s move on.





The second option you have is a move to the left.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图12)

- 对克罗地亚人让步

As you can see from the tooltip, if you go down this path, you will end up in a civil war. There was simply no way Stalin would just hand over power to Trotsky or his allies. You have a few things you can do to make life easier for you once the war starts, and to prepare for what comes after.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图13)

- 对克罗地亚人特别优待

You can send trusted advisors abroad, in order to keep them safe from Stalin. Relatively safe anyway, stay clear of ice picks.

- 在克罗地亚建设监听站





- 袭击克罗地亚村庄

- 打击乌斯塔沙征兵点

- 逮捕乌斯塔沙领导人

- 在克罗地亚进行征兵获得

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图14)



You can tie closer bonds with Smirnov, and his Workers' opposition, who were always close to the left opposition anyway.



- 乌斯塔沙起义

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图15)

- 规避乌斯塔沙起义

For the next two focuses, Yugoslavia has the option to both play appeasement to Italy and Bulgaria while also permanently removing some of their problems. The old focuses do what they always have, but now the negative spirit gained only lasts for a few years, but giving up the territories to these powers will now grant a significant increase in opinion while removing the spirits completely.

Additionally you can convince a few notable Military Officers to side with you. That will strengthen the ties with the military, making your side stronger in the upcoming civil war. Like e.g. Primakov (portrait is work in progress by the way, just wanted to show you one of the new guys):


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图16)

Also, Stalin agitated a lot against what he called “wreckers” - organized workers doing planned sabotage - associated with the Trotskyists. Whether historically true or not, you can use that tactic against him and actually organize wrecker squads.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图17)



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图18)


As can be seen from the screenshot above, you can point your finger at the Right opposition, in the hope that Stalin’s paranoia will hit them, rather than your people.



When you feel ready, you complete the “Ignite the Flames” to start the war - unless of course, Stalin’s paranoia has forced your hand already.



We’ll return to the Civil War in a sec, but first, let's take a peek at the other end of the alternative Communist Branch:

- 用斯洛文尼亚换取支持

- 查禁斯洛文尼亚民族主义党派







Bukharin's side of the Tree




Now is as good a time as any to bring up the reworked Yugoslavian states! The goal of this state rework was to facilitate for both modern Balkan borders for the sake of releasables and historical occupation zones.

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图19)


If you want to oppose Stalin, but don’t feel Trotsky is your guy, you can always go to Bukharin, and the Right Opposition. In order to confuse everyone, this time we have “the right” to the right of “the left”... But at least “the left” is to the right of “the center”,to keep some chaos… (There’s a reason for that though - which you can probably guess from the above, but more of that later).



Bukharin was one of Stalin’s first allies, and he used him to thwart Kamenev’s plans. Later he got brushed to the side and accused of plotting against Stalin. When the game starts he is out of favor, out of power, but not entirely out of options.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 9/30 南斯拉夫与罗马尼亚钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 8/11 苏联反对派(图20)Just like the Left Opposition you can try your luck at removing Stalin by starting a civil war:


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