钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港

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牧游社 牧有汉化翻译

牧游社 牧有汉化翻译


HOI4 Dev Diary - Supply and Mulberry Harbors


Arheo, Director of Cured Meats

Patch 1.6.1 Ironclad Live - Checksum 55d5

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图1)

Greetings all, and welcome to today’s dev diary on the huge supply system update coming with the Barbarossa update. Before we begin, I’ll leave a heads up that this will be the last dev diary before we break for summer, so don’t expect anything new until some time in August at the earliest.

大家吼啊, 欢迎大家来看本周的日志!这篇日志主要是关于巴巴罗萨Barbarossa更新中的大型补给系统的更新情况。在开始之前我要打个预防针,这将是我们在放暑假之前的最后一个日志。所以自八月初之前不要期待什么新东西啦。


Since we last talked about supply, a few things have changed. We found that the way truck need could take off and spike was hard to deal with and that watching out so you didn't overload individual supply hubs was a bit too intensive. We also felt that the way the mapmode worked made it very difficult to project how well supply was flowing.

Andy Gainey, Private

在上一次我们谈到了补给之后,有一些内容做出了变化。我们发现如果按照之前的设计进行,会造成卡车需求量陡增到难以处理的地步。同时如果要玩家一直保持监控以确保单个补给中心Supply Hub不过载的话,操作量也太大了。我们还觉得地图模式的机制很难表现出补给的流通情况。



The iteration we have now aims at addressing these shortcomings. It's now possible for divisions to supply from multiple hubs. Trucks are now less of a strict necessity, rather something you can assign to hubs to make sure they can project supplies further away. Finally, the mapmode has changed to better show the spread of supply as well as current status for divisions.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图2)


Patch time!

Supply flow



1.6.1 "Ironclad" is now live and downloadable through Steam, with a slew of fixes and improvements to 1.6.0. Checksum is 55d5.




We should be compatible with 1.6.0, but if you for some reason want to remain on 1.6.0 or older Here are instructions for reverting to patches since 1.5.4, or special instructions for 1.5.3 and earlier.



From each hub connected back to the capital, potential supply is projected outwards - adding up when overlapping. This is represented by the brighter colors below. For each province in distance that supply needs to travel from a hub, there is a reduction in the amount as some is lost. The amount depends on various factors like terrain, crossing rivers etc. The dark purple areas below are reduced to local supply only, and the highlighted red-orange areas indicate locations where there are units suffering from significant supply issues.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图3)


In the picture above, the Ukraine/Caucasus front is mainly struggling because it is overextending before the captured rails have been converted, so a lot of the rail network there is not operating. When a railway is taken over there is a longer cooldown when it gets converted for use by you (representing a combination of repaired damage, gauge-alteration, and general maintenance), and without connected hubs supply won’t flow.


Please make sure that any mods you are using are updated for 1.6.1, or your game might not run properly (seriously).


How much you canout put from each hub depends on the level of railways leading back to the supply capital, and the total max there depends on your industrial base (so Luxemburg can not feed as many as soviet union, for example).




If you discover any bugs in patch 1.6.1, please report them in the bug report forum asusual.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图4)

Here, the clock indicates rails that are not yet converted, and the hub icons with red crosses indicate that they do not connect back to your network.


1.6.1 Ironclad Full Patchlog








To increase the range of a hub (perhaps to help supply the front above better) you can choose to improve the motorization level. The horse icon on the right indicates no motorized supply from the node, but you can opt to toggle it to a higher state of motorization. Be careful, as this will cost you trucks which are taken from the stockpile.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图5)

It is also possible to set the motorization level on an army, in which case it will automatically toggle on motorization for hubs that it uses without requiring further interaction from the player.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图6)

There are also some other options on a hub. The star icon lets you move your supply capital to a new location, provided that you have sufficient surrender progress. This lets you get around issues where your capital ends up cut off or surrounded, but also comes with a period of bad supply as the new location is prepared.

##### Patch 1.6.1 "Ironclad" ########

###### 1.61版本号“铁甲舰”补丁 ######




The blue flag next to it lets you control allied access to the node. This can be a great way to flag to an AI that you do not want them on your front, or to stop them from joining a tight landing situation.




The rail icon lets you quickly switch to construction mode and extend rails from there while the green plus will automatically queue up construction for rails to combat any bottlenecks your node may suffer from back towards the capital. The chevron icon lets you prioritize train allocation if you are running low.

# Feature and Important



# 内容与重要改动

Floating Harbors


-New task force composition editor interface with much nicer flow


- 更流畅的新的特遣舰队组合编辑器界面。

-Added a reserve button to Fleet bottom bar.


- 在舰队界面底部加入一个封存按钮。

-Unlocking new ship hulls will now provide a variant with the same modules as on the best equipment variant of the previous ship hull level, to the extent possible, and hide the empty hull as obsolete in that case.

As part of No Step Back, we’re introducing a new dimension to naval invasions. Floating, or ‘Mulberry’ harbors can now be constructed once the appropriate research has been completed.

作为绝不后退No Step Back的一部分,我们现在介绍一种海军入侵的新内容。在相关的研究结束后,玩家就可以建造浮动的港口,或者说“桑葚港”(译注:英国研发的、诺曼底登陆时盟军建造的一种浮动人工港)。

- 现在解锁新船壳时,系统会提供一个型号模板,该模板的模块配置与前一级船壳所能配备的最好配置尽可能相同,同时隐藏在这种情况下过时的白板船壳。

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图7)

These weighty and expensive pieces of infrastructure (don’t look too close at the numbers above hehe) aren’t intended for every-day landings, but are instead intended to represent the equipment used in large-scale operations such as the Battle of Normandy.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图8)

Used carefully, one or more mulberry harbors can keep a sizable invading force supplied without requiring the immediate capture of an important enemy harbor. Of course, harbors should remain amongst the first targets of any successful invasion, and the supply hubs created by a floating harbor will be temporary; lasting a matter of weeks or months, depending on the strength of enemy air superiority and other factors.


-ctrl b now toggles strategic deployment for selected units



Of course, there is yet more to cover regarding supply, and we'll have another diary on this subject in the future, but I hope you like what you've seen so far and we’ll be seeing you again after summer!

-key k now toggles air training (kamikaze is moved to ctrl b)

- 快捷键k现在指向空军训练(神风攻击选项分配给ctrl+b)。

-FM won't be able to activate abilities if it is already active for all child groups



Oh, and one last thing - one of the new loading screens for NSB is this awesome Polish cavalry, so we figured we should share it as a summer wallpaper for you (fear not, there will be a soviet one eventually!)


- 当陆军元帅能力已对所有子集团军生效时将不能再启用能力。

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 3/13 1.6.1版本号补丁[校验码:55d5]钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 6/30 补给和桑葚港(图9)

The vision beh

-Taskforces with automatic split on will split into multiple task forces if thereis no naval base that can repair all ships at once

- 如果没有足够海军基地同时修理好所有船只,那么启用自动拆分的特遣舰队会自动分成若干组(来修理)。

-Sinking enemy ships will now award war participation

- 击沉敌舰现在有战争分数奖励。



# Bugfix

# 捉虫子


- Underpaid, Undersexed, and Under Eisenhower achievement now correctly requires a 1936 start date.

- 低薪低性还低于艾克的成就现在正确地要求1936年开局才能完成。

-Fixed an issue where several British focuses were bypassed and canceled at the same time.

- 修复部分英国国策被同时绕过和取消的问题。

-Removed duplicate "Remove country leader" in Towards Indian Independence focus.

- 去掉在迈向印度独立Towards Indian Independence国策里面重复的“去除国家领袖”字样。

-Fixed an issue where you could not take "War on Pacifism" decisions to get rid of national spirit if you had above 80% war support.

- 修复了当已经有80%战争支持度却不能通过对和平主义的战争War on Pacifism决议改变民族精神的问题。

-fixed an issue where Manchukuo could demand Japan become their puppet while still being a subject of Japan.

- 修复了伪满洲国可以在它仍然是日本傀儡的时候要求日本变成它的傀儡的bug。

-Cave to the Germans, Maintain Trade Neutrality, and Cave to the British focuses can no longer be bypassed while one of the other mutually exclusive paths are in progress (thereby unlocking multiple political paths).

- 在其他互斥的国策正在进行中时,屈服于德国Cave to the Germans、维持贸易中立Maintain TradeNeutrality、屈服于英国Cave to the British的三个国策将不能被跳过(否则就会导致多条国策线开启)。

-The United Kingdom can now progress to the end of the Decolonisation tree, even if India has already declared independence.

- 即使印度已经宣布独立,英国现在也可以将去殖民化国策全部完成。

-MacArthur will no longer lead the Loyalists while also fighting as a field marshal for the Constitutionalists.

- 麦克阿瑟将不再既担任宪政派的陆军元帅同时又领导保皇派。

-Canada will no longer be subject to continued British communist pressure after Britain accepts the USA's demand to stand down.

- 在英国接受美国的要求停止输出革命后,加拿大将不再会屈服于英共的持续压力。

-Anti-German Speech decision now correctly checks whether any German civil war faction is fascist, and does not show duplicate decisions in case Germany is ina civil war.

- 反德演讲Anti-German Speech决议现在会正确检查德国内战中是否存在法西斯阵营,而且在德国处于内战的情况下出现重复的决议。

-fixed an issue with Reichskommissariats Ostland and Ukraine behaving weirdly

- 修复了东方总督领Reichskommissariats Ostland和乌克兰AI骚操作的bug。

-'Expose the Belly of the Bear' will no longer cancel if some of the criteria is true.

- 只要当部分前提满足时,那么刺向熊腹Expose the Belly of the Bear国策就不会取消。

-The focus 'Expand the MLD' will now automatically bypass if the Netherlands or its subject does not control Java.

- 扩编荷兰海军航空兵Expand the MLD国策会在荷兰或其附庸都没有爪哇时跳过。

-Australia can now invite King Edward VIII to Australia if they decide to stand by the King in the event of him pushing his marriage forwards. The focus can now also be bypassed if Australia becomes fully independent and is not in the Allies.

- 澳大利亚现在可以请爱德华八世移驾澳洲,前提是他们在国王结婚的事情上支持他,如果澳大利亚完全独立并不在同盟国时,该国策会被跳过。

-Fixed Secure the Dominions decisions still being visible if you secured them via civil war instead.

- 修复确保自治领Secure the Dominions决议在你通过内战平定自治领后仍然可见的问题。

-The subject of a country can't stay at war anymore if its overlord capitulate (if no faction)

- (当不处于阵营时的)宗主国投降后,其附庸国将不能继续处于战争中。

-Fixed a single port being naval strikes multiple times within the same tick creating confusion

- 修复了单一海军基地在同一时间内被多次海军袭击后造成的混乱问题。

-all units of an army will be assigned to newly created garrison orders now

- 现在一个集团军的所有单位现在都可以部署到新创建的驻守指令中。

-During peace conference, you can now satellite a subject even if its overlord is annexed or puppeted.

- 在和谈中你可以傀儡一个附庸国,即使先前它的宗主已经被吞并或傀儡。

-joining a faction now cancels received guarantees

- 现在加入一个阵营会取消你得到的独立保障。

-Lithuania's 'Move Capital to Vilnius' decision can only be taken once.

- 立陶宛迁都维尔纽斯的决议现在只能点一次。

-End of the British Civil War will no longer cause Canada to rename whichever faction it is in to Commonwealth of Nations if they went ahistorical.

- 无论选择非史实路线的加拿大在哪个阵营,英国内战结束End of the British Civil War都不再导致加拿大改名为英联邦Commonwealth of Nations。

-fixed tutorial 10 not advancing if no units are selected

- 修复教程第十条如果没有选择单位则不能推进进度的bug。

-Unintended dynamic tag victors of the UK, Mexico, and USA civil war(s) now load their original focus trees upon victory.

- 英国、墨西哥以及美国内战中新生成的获胜国家在内战胜利后将加载该国原始国策树。

-fixed submarine models not being shown in naval combat

- 修复潜艇模型不出现在战斗中的bug。

-You can now move a repairing taskforce from a naval base to another without canceling repairing.

- 你现在可以在不取消修船的情况下把维修中的船从现在的海军基地转移到另外的基地中。

-Fixed attache not working when the recipient has less than 100PP and 50CP

- 修复军事顾问在被接受者的政治点数小于100以及指挥点数小于50时不生效的问题。

-German Integrate War Economies focus now sends events rather than applying effects immediately, giving players a chance to decline to avoid beingpuppeted.

- 德国整合战争经济Integrate War Economies国策现在由事件代替原先的立即生效,给予玩家拒绝的机会以避免成为傀儡。

-Decolonize Asia game rule now releases Korea, Manchukuo, and Mengkukuo, and transfers other continental states to China.

- 亚洲去殖民化游戏规则将会释放朝鲜、伪满、伪蒙疆并将其他大陆领土转交给中国。

-Heavy cruisers are now considered as capital ships in the production line.

- 现在生产线上重巡洋舰被视作主力舰。

-Underpaid, Undersexed, and Under Eisenhower achievement now correctly requires a 1936 start date.

- 低薪低性还低于艾克Underpaid, Undersexed, and Under Eisenhower这个成就现在要求1936年开局。

-the nation building decisions now correctly add a national spirit to execute their effect

- 国家建设决议现在正确地通过增加民族精神来生效。

-Fixed Treading the Narrow Path achievement to correctly not be awarded if you lost one of your starting states.

- 走在狭窄的小路上Treading the Narrow Path成就在玩家丢掉一个开局省份后将无法达成。

-Fixed easter egg event to now be possible to fire.

- 修复了复活节彩蛋事件,现在能够触发。

- George VI national spirit is nowproperly removed when finishing The Fate of the Royal Family focus.

- 乔治六世民族精神现在会正确地在完成王室的命运The Fate of the Royal Family国策后被移除。

- You can now train colonial divisions using colonial manpower, even if master doesn't have manpower.

- 即使宗主国已经没有人力了,你现在也可以用殖民地的人力来训练殖民地师。

- The Imperial Federation focus should now be available even if you don't own Together for Victory

- 现在即使玩家没有共赴胜利扩展包,帝国联邦The Imperial Federation国策也可用。

- Focuses and events relating to the Imperial Federation now takes into account various combinations of DLCs theplayer may or may not own.

- 和帝国联邦有关的国策和事件现在将考虑玩家拥有或未拥有各个DLC的数种组合情况。

- fixed repair queue reordering not working

- 修正了维修队列再排序的功能不工作的问题。

- Removed faction requirement of Dutch Strength over Blood focus.

- 移除了荷兰的力量胜于鲜血Strength over Blood国策当中对于阵营的要求。

- Made it impossible to begin the Abd