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HOI4 Dev Diary - Merry Christmas


HOI4 Dev Diary – Operations

Podcat, Oberkommando HOI4


As is traditional christmas time means 2 things: The dev team all disappear off on holidays and I make some beutifulhorrible holiday art... so, merry Christmas everyone!


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 11/20 特工行动钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 12/19 圣诞快乐!(图1)

As I said we now go off on a much needed break, so expect diaries to resume again when we get back after new years.

podcat,Oberkommando HOI4


Welcome to another dev diary for La Resistance. Today we are back talking espionage, namely Operations. These are like big impact missions that may require multiple agents as well as resources and preparation time. I also have some other stuff to cover.

欢迎回到另一篇抵抗运动La Resistance的开发日志。今天我们将回来谈谈间谍Espionage的内容,也就是行动Operations。这些行动都类似于会产生巨大影响的任务,可能需要多个特工以及许多资源和准备时间。我也会谈及一些其它的东西。



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 11/20 特工行动钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 12/19 圣诞快乐!(图2)

I figured I'd also give a little summary of the year from out point of view. This year saw the release of Waking the Tiger back in march which we are proud of and seems to have been received really well. Then during the summer we hit a new record on amount of active monthly users playing HOI (540k!!). Otherwise we have been hard at work on probably our most ambitious expansion yet - Man the Guns, which we announced (very early) at PdxCon. I expect a lot of people wanna ask me for a release date, but it is what it always is: when its ready. I can promise that we'll tell you early next year though.

Update on the new launcher



As some of you may have noticed the launcher release got a big bumpier than we had liked. While we had fixed several issues since the stellaris launcher it seemed that HOI4 had a share of unique issues also :/ I’ve looked at telemetry and it seems like mod use is mostly back to pre-launcher-release so it seems most players are back on board with mods, but there are still reports of issues. We released a 1.8.1 hotfix for some issues at the end of last week and we are working on a few things on the game side since. I have been chatting with the team working on the launcher and they will have a launcher bugfix patch out next week (the new launcher updates without us having to update the game or bump version number). While they are mainly looking at bugs at the moment, they are also working on some UI improvements for mod navigation that should be ready during next month.


我想我也应该从外部角度稍稍总结一下这一年。今年我们见证了唤醒勇虎Waking the Tiger在3月份的发售,这让我们感到非常自豪,而且似乎玩家的反响也非常好。随后而来的夏天里,我们创造了一个新的记录,HOI每月活跃用户的数量打破了新的记录(540k!!)。除此之外,我们一直在努力开发可能是迄今为止最有野心的扩展包——炮手就位Man the Guns,我们很早就在PDXCon上宣布了相关信息。很多玩家可能都想询问它的发布日期,但我们只能回答:当我们做好准备时。不过我可以保证明年年初的时候会告诉各位的的。


As is customary I usually drop some cool statistics as well. So 'ere we go:




We investigated tutorials a bit and found that the HOI one actually seems to work the best of the ones we have. a whole 89% of people who start it actually complete it, and people who do complete it have a much higher chance to stick around and play the game (I am not much of a tutorial man myself, preferring to get watch lets plays and the like, but this still makes me happy).


Operations all require at least one agent to perform, and some require more than one (in fact some powerful ones require more than you might have as a non-spymaster, making their access more limited). They also all need some level of network to have been built up in preparation.

我们稍微分析了一下新手教程,发现HOI似乎是我们游戏之中拥有最好的新手教程的游戏。整整89%的玩家在上手游戏时实际完成了它,同时完成它的玩家会有更高的机率留下来并继续游玩(我不是一个很会指导的人,而且更喜欢看Let’s play之类的东西,但我仍然感到很开心)(译注:Let’s Play即油土鳖等视频网站的试玩、流程相关的游戏视频)。



We broke all our player records during summer. I dunno if the weather was extra bad this year or not, but people seem to have been spending their vacation charging across Europe in tanks.



钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 11/20 特工行动钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 12/19 圣诞快乐!(图3)

Constructive Engineering and Training continuous focuses are the most popular by a wide margin






The most popular total conversion mod is Road to 56 (12%) followed by Kaiserreich (8%). 3rd spot is held by Millennium Dawn at 5.5%. The most popular non TC mods are Colored Buttons and player led peace conferences.

最受欢迎的全面重制模组是通往56之路Road to 56(12%),其次是Kaiserreich(8%)。第三位的是千禧黎明Millennium Dawn(5.5%)。最受欢迎的非全面重制模组是彩色按键Colored Buttons与玩家主导和谈Player Led Peace Conferences。


Multiplayer games sit at 11% (daily unique players) and 17% use ironman





Oh yeah, we were pretty excited to hear that HOI4 had been nominated for the 2018 steam awards under Best Alternative History. I'm not gonna beg you to go vote at all. Totally up to you!



没错,我们非常激动地得知钢铁雄心4得到了2018年Steam大奖的最佳架空历史游戏Best Alternative History提名。我可不会逼着求着各位投票。这完全取决于各位!(真香.jpg)


I also figured we'd highlight my 2 favorite bugs that have popped up during development. Smoke launchers let submarines lay down smoke to escape... somehow without revealing their position;D also we had a great one where whenever we iterated on stats for a ship design it would double the stats of those modules, and also double the amount of module slots. @YaBoy_Bobby was the undisputed king of the seas in this abomination:

我还寻思应该指出在开发过程中两个我最喜欢的Bug。烟雾发射器Smoke Launchers能让潜艇放出烟雾并以此逃离...不知怎么的居然没暴露位置XD;还有一处Bug,不论我们何时更新迭代一个舰船的设计时,会导致装备模块的数据翻倍,同时让模块槽位数量也翻倍。这令人厌恶的情况让@YaBoy_Bobby成了无可争议的海上霸主。


Operations all need preparation before they can be launched. This is usually produced equipment, agents or a cost in industry over time. We use this last one as an abstract representation of funneling economy into bribes, making or creating counterfeit cash etc where military equipment makes no sense.

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 11/20 特工行动钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 12/19 圣诞快乐!(图4)


(its a while ago, so its an older iteration of the UI). I have no idea what -75% reliability mean, but I suspect it just explodes if you try to train with it.

钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 11/20 特工行动钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 12/19 圣诞快乐!(图5)











- 这次行动或许会消耗一个代币资源Token。

See you all next year and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year - HOI4 Dev Team

In this example we are using the local resistance to saboutage resource extraction and we need to supply the operation with 250 support equipment





You can here also set the operation to just launch when ready if you do not care about timing, or if you want it to keep repeating.



Once preparation is done an operation can have multiple phases. The most common is 3 - Infiltration, performing the job and exfiltration. We have a pretty cool system for this where phases can be mixed and matched and have different costs associated with them. For example if your operatives need to paradrop into location at night it may require transport planes, but if its a neutral border perhaps only some economic bribing is needed to slip in. Operations can take quite a while to perform and will lock up your operatives during this. Operatives can also have traits that affect both chance of better outcomes as well as making them cheaper/faster.





校对:zzztotoso 三等文官猹中堂





The more times you perform an operation against a target the more difficult it gets. This kind of auto balancing simulates that the enemy will plug holes in their security based on how you have previously broken through.



There are two main types of operations: Gatekeeper ones that give you infiltrated assets, which in turn allow you access to other, more powerful operations.





These are all gatekeeper operations with added benefits.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 11/20 特工行动钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 12/19 圣诞快乐!(图6)

(note that this resistance contact ones lets you specify a target state. Some operations target nations, some take states and others strategic regions)










- 在德意志帝国内获得“抵抗组织联络关系”。

Infiltrate Army - Gets you an asset inside the enemy armed forces. Gets you more info on their armies, techs etc.



Infiltrate Navy - Gets you an asset inside the enemy naval command. Gets you more info on their fleets, ships, techs etc.



Infiltrate Air Force - Gets you an asset inside the enemy air force. Gets you extra intel on their air forces, air techsetc.



Infiltrate Civilian Government - Getsyou an asset in the enemies government. Gives more intel on their production, buildings etc.



Make Resistance Contacts - Get a localcontact in the underground resistance. This helps boost resistance growth.


钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 11/20 特工行动钢铁雄心4开发日志 | 12/19 圣诞快乐!(图7)



Other operations



Several of these require some form of infiltration to be in place first. Often they will need resistance networks, a certain amount network cover and other limiters also.



Steal Blueprints - Depending on the outcome and what kind of infiltration you have done you can get research speed bonuses, ahead of time or full unlocks of technologies.



Targeted Sabotage - Use your contacts in local resistance and strengthen and focus sabotage in an area



Boost Resistance - Strengthen the local resistance



Capture Ciphers - The old “steal the enigma” trick ;) Capture clues to the enemie